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Various Artists - Music Of The Spheres

Various Artists - Music Of The Spheres
LabelShaman Films Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Muktisvara - Ot Boldi
02 Kasatka - Ruslacha
03 Irgum Burgum - Mesti kk
04 Insector - Hypernet Access
05 Ikpeng vs Necropsycho - Who Is The Killer?
06 Maltrato Psicologico - Kidnapping Tour
07 Seth - Shadowland
08 Sushupti - Mind Games
09 Simian - We are Enemies (Khaos Sektor Remix)
10 Demoniac Insomniac - Smijarniko
11 Arhyperziiman - Wtf
12 Necropsycho vs Egnogra - Video

Overlapping octave form coming from the human mind into the hand that then writes or plays the music. Man then in the heart produces sound waves that enter the ear, completing the cycle from the ear to the mind. The notes then exit the mouth producing the music from the man machine.

The music causes the nervous system to overload which produces the bi-product of man's emotional overflow system, a tear.

Compiled by Egnogra

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