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Freaked Frequency - FF Syndrome

Freaked Frequency - FF Syndrome
LabelNoga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Freaked Frequency - FF Syndrome


01 Freaked Frequency - Say
02 Freaked Frequency - Light Beams
03 Freaked Frequency vs Alternative Control - Elevation
04 Freaked Frequency - Against The Machines
05 Freaked Frequency - FF Syndrome
06 Freaked Frequency - Saw
07 Freaked Frequency - Night Mode
08 Freaked Frequency - Dreamer
09 Freaked Frequency - The Flow
10 Freaked Frequency - Landing

Noga records is pounding strong, and is delighted to present the new album of Freaked Frequency "FF Syndrome".Beyond doubt this creative experience has been eagerly awaited by fans all over the world, since coming in contact with the special Freaked Frequency sound.Freaked Frequency are Milojko Jaric ( '85.) and Vladimir Zdunic ( '84.) both from Belgrade, Serbia.The unique, deep, uplifting & highly creative Full-On sound of Freaked Frequency has already been featured on various International releases, on labels such as: Utopia Records, Noga Records, Vision Quest Prod., Sinn-Tec, Mahagony, Enzyme, Odd etcFreaked Frequency has collaborated with known Serbian group, Alternative Control (Featured on this CD!!!), Poli (Spun Rec.) & with Miss June Rashava, released on Vision Quest The Gathering DVD final chapter theme.This busy team has recently completed the production of a remix to "Fuengo En La Rumba" originally produced by Pop Stream, to be released on Pop Stream remix CD to be released later on in 2007 (Vision Quest Prod.).This hot, attractive, upcoming duo, present 9 massive Full-On delights and an additional Downbeat bonus.First class production by a first class production, musical team, presenting a totally different approach to the known European Full On approach.Noga records has once again set new standards in the industryEmbrace Thy Syndrome!!!

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