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Haltya - Book Of Nature

Haltya - Book Of Nature
LabelExogenic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Haltya - Book of Nature


01 Haltya - Nature's Secret
02 Haltya - Rainbow Funkster
03 Haltya - Finny Funny Finished
04 Haltya - Kawaii Bushido
05 Haltya - Borboleta Purpura
06 Haltya - Daisy Chain
07 Haltya - Between The Notes
08 Haltya - Mean Green Monster Machine
09 Haltya - Firecracker
10 Haltya - Make It Look Like An Accident
11 Haltya - Fry
12 Haltya - Mothership
13 Haltya - Walking On Sunshine

Book of Nature is the 3rd album from the forest trance master Haltya. Ranging from floor filling party stompers (Mean Green Monster Theme) to sophisticated funky arrangements (Borboleta Purpura) this one is wrapped in a most imaginative cover art that reflects straight to the music. This Haltya album is produced by the multitalented producer Tommi SirkiƤ alone. Haltya has a firm and solid fan base and Book of Nature will definitely not disappoint them. The two former albums (Forest Flavour & Electric Help Elves) were impressive but this one is taking Haltya to the next level of existence by being super groovy and diverse from the boring lo-fi crap that is sadly so common in the electric music scene these days.

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