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Highpersonic Whomen - Push The Limit

Highpersonic Whomen - Push The Limit
LabelExogenic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Highpersonic Whomen - Push the Limit


01 Highpersonic Whomen - Departure
02 Highpersonic Whomen vs Setherian - Upstairs
03 Highpersonic Whomen - In The Moment
04 Highpersonic Whomen - Bite Your Lip
05 Highpersonic Whomen vs Kiwa - Mind Over Matter
06 Highpersonic Whomen vs Sportmeister - Black Lung
07 Highpersonic Whomen - Push The Limit
08 Highpersonic Whomen - Multiplay
09 Highpersonic Whomen - Lycurgos
10 Highpersonic Whomen vs Loopus In Fabula - Delete The Dancefloor
11 Highpersonic Whomen - Arrival

Push The Limit is the second album by the internationally acclaimed duo Highpersonic Whomen. The successor of the seminal Alternative Energysource debut will take audiences deeper into the sounds of progressive trance.
Highpersonic Whomen is known from their electrical, progressive touch to psychedelic trance. In Push The Limit they invite listeners from all scenes with versatile styles and soundscapes, which functions as much as a turntable tool of the dj as in serene home conditions.

Variating with psychedelic sound, this high quality album proceeds freely into the direction of house and techno mixing in large amounts of progressive beats.

Run by Make Louhio and Tommi SirkiƤ, the Highpersonic Whomen dance engine has been a prominent talent to watch for in the international arenas.They have been touring for example in Israel, eastern Europe, Russia and Brazil. The duo also has numerous tracks on compilations by such labels as Novatekk, Twisted Records, Oxygen Records and Com.Pact. Records.

Push The Limit album release party will be celebrated at Nosturi 2.6. at the same occasion as Juno Reactor will arrive to Helsinki. The group known from their music in Matrix movies will arrive to Nosturi gig with the percussionist Mabi Thobejane and Mc Ghetto Priest who is currently touring with Asian Dub Foundation. The line up will be perfected with legendary dj Xavier Morel.