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Hydraglyph - Euphonics

Hydraglyph - Euphonics
LabelNexus Media
Typealbum, CD

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Hydraglyph - Euphonics


01 Hydraglyph - Red Tide
02 Hydraglyph - Nowhere Near (Shady Mix)
03 Hydraglyph - Somebody Else
04 Hydraglyph - Piece By Piece
05 Hydraglyph - Nightmare
06 Hydraglyph - Even Flow
07 Hydraglyph - Abstraction
08 Hydraglyph - Venus
09 Hydraglyph - Tetris Bender
10 Hydraglyph - Ultrasound (Remix)

Hydraglyph combine the best elements of full on psy and feel good progressive in this pulsating new dance album "euphonics"
The duo offer a more dynamic spectrum of music than the average trance band, their hammering beats and searing leads are equally balanced by their delicate glitchy sounds and haunting or epic soundscapes.

Aftre the success of their 1st album "Kinetic" (sanskara recs) they have continued to pioneer a new sound that's guaranteed to get feet moving all across the globe.

neXus meDia is proud to present their 2nd album euphonics'.

Hydraglyph - Euphonics: Front
Hydraglyph - Euphonics: Back
Hydraglyph - Euphonics: Back 2
Hydraglyph - Euphonics: Inside
Hydraglyph - Euphonics: Inside 2