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Intersys - Recharge

Intersys - Recharge
LabelUtopia Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Intersys - Recharge (Album Version)
02 Intersys - Groovie Legamrey
03 Intersys - Endless Dancing
04 Intersys - Redstorm
05 Intersys - Opera (Album Version)
06 Intersys feat. Ella - Tribal Instincts
07 Intersys - Demolution
08 Intersys - Power Supply (InterSys Remix)
09 Intersys - If u could b
10 Intersys feat. Ella - Ready to fly

So get your batteries ready for an additional dose of energy because you are going to get Recharge!Emotions and illusions, dreams and fantasy, power and energy. A flight trough the inner space you refer to as your mind. Moshe Maman and Omri Azran, AKA InterSys, are a rising force to recon in the trance scene. Collaborating and remixing the most respected acts- the two have managed to conquer quite an amount of audience all over the globe. InterSys long awaited debut studio album 'Recharge' is innovative, uplifting and dance floor ready!

Intersys - Recharge: Front