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Jaws Underground - Face To Face

Jaws Underground - Face To Face
LabelPsy-Core Records
Typealbum, CD

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Jaws Underground - Face To Face
Jaws Underground - Face To Face


01 Jaws Underground - X-Periment
02 Jaws Underground - Analogic
03 Jaws Underground - Jigsaw
04 Jaws Underground - Virus Intrusion
05 Jaws Underground - Divinorium
06 Jaws Underground - Resurrection
07 Jaws Underground - Echec Et Mat
08 Jaws Underground - Night Factory
09 Jaws Underground - Low Radiation

Psycore records is glad to introduce the new album of Jaws Underground "face to face"

Jaws offers through this album, a mix of two worlds sound :The Night Full-on and Psychedelic , face to face for explosive style definitely focused on the groove and melodies.

A selection of nine previsouly unreleased titles, different trends of the road movie,With Jigsaw and Resurrection, where he revisits the theme of Saw, Alien, through the bewitching melodies of Analogic and X-periment.All these pieces were played, mixed several times during the evening and festivals, to select the best moments. Kik-bass of pests, leads to aggressive, a mix of sounds diabolical.

With this album, Alex mark also his style, between "lost in the sound", and algorythme, the matching takes shape ....

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