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Klopfgeister - Travel Diaries

Klopfgeister - Travel Diaries
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Klopfgeister - Travel Diaries


01 Klopfgeister - Something For The Girls (Live At Spirit Base 2007)
02 Klopfgeister - Chord In The Act
03 Klopfgeister - The Day After (Live Remix)
04 Klopfgeister - Luminosity (Invisible Reality Remix)
05 Klopfgeister - Just Another Louzy German Offbass Track
06 Klopfgeister - Hubble Gum
07 Klopfgeister - A Tribute To Etnica
08 Solano - Critical Pumpa (Klopfgeister Remix)
09 Klopfgeister - Good Bye Goa (Live Version)

Here comes another masterpiece by one of Germany's most demanded live artists Klopfgeister.

After their last No.1 album'Sunflavoured' they have been constantly on the road to perform for the international trance community and receiving euphoric reactions.

Now Thorsten Paul and Jens Schefzig present an extract of their actual live repertoire.

Their 'Travel Diaries' offer you 9 powerful tracks, representing their uplifting and energetic live performances of the incomparable Klopfgeister style.

Drawing on influences from older works, but at the same time fusing it with a fantastic updated sound, the album will no doubt be one of the progressive releases of the year.

Klopfgeister - Just Another Louzy German Offbass Track

WALDORF: That was wonderful!
WALDORF: I loved that!
STATLER: Ah, that was great!
WALDORF: Neh–it was pretty good.
STATLER: Well, it wasn’t bad…
WALDORF: There were parts of it that weren’t very good, though.
STATLER: It could’ve been a lot better.
WALDORF: I didn’t really like it.
STATLER: It was pretty terrible.
WALDORF: It was bad.
STATLER: It was awful!
STATLER & WALDORF: Terrible! Take ‘em away! Bah, BOO!!!

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