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Mauxuam - Viceversa

Mauxuam - Viceversa
LabelInterchill Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Mauxuam - B4 After
02 Mauxuam - Extended Body
03 Mauxuam - Jahnesh (Divine Cluster Version)
04 Mauxuam - Stones Of Gaza
05 Mauxuam - Where Was I Going
06 Mauxuam - Viavai
07 Mauxuam - Ulezak (Snakebyte Remix)
08 Mauxuam - Cloudcycle
09 Mauxuam - Infinity
10 Mauxuam - Wiggly Things

Viceversa is the debut album by Mauxuam aka Maurizio Liguori, a veteran of the global underground electronic scene. A distillation of music recorded over a 3 year period as he was traveling between continents, Viceversa is a nomadic diary with a multitude of influences. With deep roots in afrobeat and psychedelic funk while borrowing elements from dub, dub-step, breakbeat, glitch and found sounds along the way, Mauxuam offers up a groundbreaking and visionary odyssey into free range electronica.

Steeped in a philosophy of the simultaneous existence of opposites, Viceversa is a granular sound cloud of endless refractions that transcends genres altogether. Made with a number of contributing musicians including Greg Hunter (Subsurfing/Alien Soap Opera), Master Margherita (Peaking Goddess Collective), Shiranami, and Craig Musham (Organismic), it is a highly engaging album of intricate yet raw tracks that are sure to shake bass bins worldwide.

After taking a 7 year hiatus from the professional music industry Mauxuam returned to producing in 2005. He has since had tracks featured on compilations from Interchill Records (Dissolving Clouds, Sub Signals Vol. 1 and Future Memories); Indica Music (Vajra); and Electronic Soundscapes (Polymorphic Convolutions) and has performed at several top European festivals. The 2008 summer festival season finds him playing live sets at a number of events including the Glade Festival in the UK, Boom Festival in Portugal and at Electric Picnic in Ireland.

Mauxuam - Viceversa: Front