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Melicia - Play With My Mind

Melicia - Play With My Mind
Typealbum, CD

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Melicia - Play With My Mind


01 Melicia - Grip (Remix)
02 Melicia - Suenos
03 Melicia - Image Of My Soul
04 Melicia - Discoteque (Remix)
05 Melicia - Magic Stick
06 Melicia - Don't Go
07 Melicia - Massive Trance
08 Melicia - Envelope (Live Remix)

Phonokol proudly presents the long awaited new album of Melicia.

It was worth while waiting for this extra ordinary album. Melicia is back with a beautiful new produced album, a real trace experience. This is a step forward for Melicia in both sound and production.This is a pure trance album with fresh new elements and amazing vocals.

This is the follow up album to the classic 'Running Out Of Time' which was released in 2003 and placed Melicia (Abraham Ilouz) at the front row of the worldwide Trance producers, presenting his unique style and great talent.

Melicia has delivered a perfect Trance album which became an overnight success with massive Trance tunes, such as 'Running Out Of Time' (later remixed by 1200 Mic's), 'Dancing Up' (later remixed by DNA), 'Smash' and the amazing 'Illussion Quest', 'Experience' and 'Psychodeliya', where he hosted and presented his sister Odeliya and her beautiful voice who sang on these tracks to her own lyrics.Together they formed one of the best live acts at the worldwide psytrance arena.

In between albums, Melicia had done various collaborations with other artists such as Dynamic ('Magnetic Feel'), Hypersonic ('Massive Trance'), X-Wave (various tracks) and DNA, released the amazing 'Grip' on Tip World, 'Kinoe' on Spun and 'Lightning' on Phonokol and he is now ready to hit the decks with a new masterpiece of pure trance as only a real hit maker like him can deliver 'Play With My Mind' a real trance celebration with massive Trance tracks.

Melicia - Magic Stick

I'm... mortality as home entertainment? This can not be the future! Can it? CAN IT?

From the movie 'Vanilla Sky'

Vanilla Sky

Melicia - Play With My Mind: Front