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Palex - Mortifer Foedus

Palex - Mortifer Foedus
LabelBlack Magik Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Overdose vs Palex - Bestial Genocide
02 Hyldhegan - Neucrophiliac
03 Iron Madness - Psycho Piano (Palex Remix)
04 Hyldhegan - Black Serenade
05 Palex - The Riddle
06 Palex - Blended Face
07 Yata Garasu vs Palex - We Are So Fucked
08 Hyldhegan - Worldwide Suicide
09 Hyldhegan - God Meet Satan

BLACK BOOK II presents tracks of Palex and Hyldhegan as well collaborations with Overdose and Yata Garasu.

Paulo Alexandre, born in Portugal 1977, is the name behind ''PALEX'' project. He was a resident dj in a local small club when he was introduced to Psychedelic music by some friends who liked that style and started to organize parties there. He felt in love with psychedelic and after a year had passed he started producing and built his home studio. His influences come from different electronic music genres and a special love for horror movies. Palex is working psychedelic fast, dark with groovy night sounds.

Miguel Gra├ža, born in 1979 in Portugal, is the name behind k_lapso project. He started liking eletronic music when he was introduced to techno around his 20's then he started djing at several clubs with various national and international techno djs. Time passed and techno started to loose popularity in Portugal but one day a friend, psy dj, invited him to a psychedelic party near them and one thing lead to another, he liked the style so much. As time goes by he started to evolve his trance style, inspired by known artists like Iron Madness, Paranoize, Silent Horror etc until he started his first steps on production. He made several unreleased tracks and worked on parallel projects like Cerebral Noize with Overdose and HYLDHEGAN with Palex.

Palex - Mortifer Foedus: Front