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Various Artists - Morthor Spede

Various Artists - Morthor Spede
LabelBlack Magik Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Morthor Spede


01 Kalilaskov As - Dead Angel
02 Fragletrollet - Industrial Temple
03 Mind Distortion System - Pissedoffskaya
04 Isentropic - Jigameto Remix
05 Sekt - R U Mental?
06 Psilogos - Quetzalcoatl
07 Xikwri Neyrra - Welcome To The Machine
08 Gorump Peyya - Jowy333 And His Leads
09 Idmercial - Behold The Power Of Brack Metar!
10 Morax - Morthor Spede

Black Magik Records is a brand new music label dedicated to dark artists and fans from all around the globe. They are a label created BY artists FOR artists and they hope to bring forth some the most twisted and energetic music that the world has ever seen and they look forward to many years of production. The aim of the label is it to bring back as much money as possible to the artists who produce the music for them.

After excessive nitpicking, revision, and authoritative overrides, Black Magik Records finally presents its first release. Bringing an assortment of promising newcomers, Morthor Spede experiments with higher tempos to ensure more trance per second from artists across the globe. Specially guaged for chaos, dark sounds, and peak sonic intensity by idmercial. Art by Black Magik Records. Mastered by Tim Schuldt.

Various Artists - Morthor Spede: Front