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Phobia - Adaptation

Phobia - Adaptation
LabelTactic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Phobia - Adaptation


01 Phobia - Misconduct
02 Phobia - Third Stream
03 Phobia - Mix Shake
04 Phobia - Grind (Phobia Remix)
05 Phobia - Plant Yourself
06 Phobia - Adaptation
07 Phobia - Night Parade
08 Phobia - Culture Hall
09 Phobia - The Rite Of Spring
10 Phobia - Counter Point

Tactic Records is back presenting the debut album of 'Phobia' - Adaptation.

Phobia are Alon Ron and Zack Gafni, a fresh talented act producing electronic music since 1998.

Both Alon and Zack born in 1983, living in their home town Kiryat Ata, best friends, neighbors, never went apart and have been called by the name 'Phobia' since their early production days.

Zack is playing a piano since the age of eight and Alon started to Dj in the age of thirteen and always had a strong passion for electronic music.

These days Phobia produce tight psychedelic trance music in their own special way. Phobia team is proud to be a part of the warm family, 'Tactic-Records', managed by Leon Gossler aka Tactic-mind, along bombing acts as Toxical, Unique, Silent Scream and Mahamudra.

Phobia's new album, 'Adaptation' is full of surprises, lots of melodies, polished sparkling sound and well produced. Enjoy!

Phobia - Adaptation: Front