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Psyfactor - Aries Madness

Psyfactor - Aries Madness
LabelTrishula Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Psyfactor - Bad Mojo
02 Psyfactor - Angel Wrath
03 Psyfactor - Sectoid
04 Psyfactor - Waves From The Crypt
05 Psyfactor - Gyroball
06 Psyfactor - Death Monsture
07 Psyfactor - Scratches
08 Psyfactor - Intoxicated
09 Psyfactor - Aries Madness

Dmitri Korablin has been writing music for some time now and worked hard on his second album for almost a year in his studio in Moscow. Psyfactor is back with his second album "Aries Madness', psytrance for the hyperspace.

He has worked hard on improving his production skills and has managed to create a high quality album with new innovative ideas.

Taking us further to another level of uncompromising psytrance with the typical triple kick drum, fat synthlines & trippy fx dounds.
The album consists of 9 unreleased tracks for guaranteed audio pleasure & body excercixe on the dancefloor.
He is an artist that understands the power of psytrance in his own unique style, no need to introduce his music anymore.
Almost 80 minutes of music divided into 9 different tracks with the typcial humorous names as used in the past. No devil worshipping or darkpsy here, just good driving music to get you up and dance.

Psyfactor - Aries Madness: Front