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Pushmipulyu - 133 Thursdays

Pushmipulyu - 133 Thursdays
LabelInterchill Records
Typealbum, CD

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Pushmipulyu - 133 Thursdays


01 Pushmipulyu - Take Two More
02 Pushmipulyu - Wears The Summer?
03 Pushmipulyu - Mr. Jelly
04 Pushmipulyu - Syzygy
05 Pushmipulyu - Wake You
06 Pushmipulyu - Hyde Park Fauna
07 Pushmipulyu - Cushion
08 Pushmipulyu - Reverie
09 Pushmipulyu - Surreal Estate
10 Pushmipulyu - Some Things Just Make You Want To Cry

After a series of weekly meetings in the studio over 3 years, London neighbors Michael Sassen aka Michael Dog (Planet Dog, Megadog, Future Loop Foundation) and Steve Rowlands (Full Moon Scientist) came up with their aptly titled debut album, 133 Thursdays. 133 Thursdays is a deep, coherent and diverse body of work reflecting the dynamic juxtaposition of these two seasoned underground artists. Fusing electronic-tinged psychedelic jazz, mellow house, chilled grooves and prog rock with a touch of classical hip hop, they've created a quality home listening album that pays no heed to current musical trends or other artists' styles. A standout collection of well produced tracks, 133 Thursdays is an essential listening experience for open-minded people into eclectic sounds.

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