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Quadra - One Nation Under Trance

Quadra - One Nation Under Trance
LabelSolstice Music International
Typealbum, CD

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QUADRA - One Nation Under Trance


01 Quadra - Red Alert
02 Quadra - So L.A.
03 Quadra - I Against Speed Remix
04 Quadra - Turing Test
05 Quadra - One Nation Under Trance
06 Quadra - Bad Tuesday
07 Quadra - Tokiospace
08 Quadra - T-Funk (Funked Up Mix)
09 Quadra - Pure Ecstasy

"One Nation Under Trance", powerful and euphoric morning killers!!
L.A based Quadra has finally finished his highly anticipated new album. Since the success of his second album "Serotonia" (SOLMC-038) released from Solstice in 2004, he has attracted attention as one of the top melody makers of the next generation scene. This long awaited album "One Nation Under Trance" shows his solid growth as an artist, with further refinement of his unique emotional melody lines that transport listeners into a world of ecstasy, dramatic breaks and tricky sound applications. It is jam-packed with hot tracks such as "I Against A Speed (Quadra Remix)" previously released on "Tourist Trophy Tracks", "Bad Tuesday", featuring female vocals, and a new remix of "T-Funk", released last year as a TIP.World 12". The finished product is a crossover of emotional melodies characteristic of epic trance and the strength unique to psytrance symbiotically existing together. Raja Ram, Ari Linker of Alien Project and other top Djs are already playing these tracks which undoubtedly serve as useful DJ tools. The powerful morning sound of this release is perfect for the summer season and will create a Quadra vortex on the dance floor!!

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