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Various Artists - Vibraspirit 23.23

Various Artists - Vibraspirit 23.23
LabelSunDance Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Vibraspirit 23.23


01 Farbo - Fatal Illusion
02 Planum - Outdoor
03 Terrafractyl - Culture Shock
04 Shamonk - Talking To Fred
05 Panta Rei - Everywhere You Look
06 Raz - Falling Away
07 System Check & D-Tone - Fantasy Link
08 Virtual Attack - Super Powers
09 Dotan - Mexicana
10 Init String - Psychic Circus
11 Xtacid - Lucky Star

SunDance Records is proud to present the 5th edition of the vibraspirit compilation series. Once again vibraspirit delivers a classic melting pot of underground melodic psychedelic trance from a truly global artist pool.

Graphic art genius Farbo turns his hands to music delivering a beautiful late morning track like only the Mexicans know how. Planum, hot on the trail of his outstanding second album offers us a new perspective into his musical talent, with fresh new directions in melodic mayhem supported by his trademark obscenely fat basslines. Melbourne music maestro Terrafractyl outdoes himself with a real tear jerking morning stormer. Supported with extremely intelligent samples & outstanding production, this is one of the most psychedelically effective tracks we have seen in years. Guaranteed outstanding heart moments on morning dancefloors. Sweden delivers two brand new artists Shamonk, and Panta Rei, both of whom have a very unique sound to offer the trance world. Shamonk is an off the wall chunk funk fest, with humorous samples and concepts not normally explored in psytrance. Panta Rei's debut is equally as stunning, with some truly hear-felt melodies. Outstanding production, emotionally potent samples of the most perfect timing add up to a powerful experience.

RAZ from Israel redefines what morning power trance can mean, with extremely tight production, melody concepts & ideas rarely explored in psytrance, supported by a dance sensibility seldom seen in such melody rich tracks. System Check & D-Tone offer one of the classic power melody Israeli trance tracks of the year, dripping with melody, and trademark killer Israeli production means top results always on the dancefloor. Virtual Attack, a new duo that combines Israeli & Mexican vibes crank out a psychedelic mayhem killer. Easily the most requested track in last few months, they delivers devastating dancefloor results time after time.

Bit Of A college boy hey ? New Israeli act Dotan debuts with a wonderfully beautiful & heart felt morning stomper that's fresh and uplifting. They say everything is bigger in Texas, USA, and judging by this track from Texan duo Init String I would say "they" are very correct, delivering a spine tingling adventure in late morning dance floor vibes of unprecedented proportions. Rounding off the comp, last , but by no means least, is a wonderfully melodic track with unique vibes, yet it retains a classic old school vibe. Just when you think the track cannot possibly go any higher, Xtacid deliver vibe & emotion from far beyond our normal realm to push things to total blissout experience.

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