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Setherian - Postrancepose

Setherian - Postrancepose
LabelOxygen Records
Typealbum, CD

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Setherian - Postrancepose


01 Setherian - Klosterfunk
02 Setherian - Fakin Nathex
03 Setherian - D-Fraktion
04 Setherian - Diplik
05 Setherian - Trodden Fire
06 Setherian - Moving Targets
07 Setherian - Critical Overflow
08 Setherian - The Shining
09 Setherian - Reentrant Uperiodic
10 Setherian - Aidiemist

Unexpect the expected!

Setherian is the most common pseudonym of brazilian born Christian Zahn aka Dj Seth.

Now 26 years old, the brazilian legend has never been so active as now. And after releasing over 30 tracks in the last 4 years, through labels like Midijum, Compact, Ajuca, Glowing Flame ( who released his debut album Multiverse in 2004), High End and of course Oxygen, amongst others.

Seth has never been as cutting edge as now. Always going on different ways and styles, he is now ready to show his full potential with a second album. The name of it is great and absolutely self explainable, "Postrancepose" it is and shall present his most original and diverse works to date, going from Idmish Down Tempo to Furious Progressive Fullon.

Setherian - Postrancepose: Front