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Sine Die - Life Hack

Sine Die - Life Hack
LabelHadra Records
Typealbum, CD

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Sine Die - Life Hack


01 Sine Die - Life Hack
02 Sine Die - Secrets
03 Sine Die - Eclipse
04 Sine Die - Elevate
05 Sine Die - Vision
06 Sine Die - Killer Instinct
07 Sine Die - Goa Dra
08 Sine Die - Deep Space Logic
09 Sine Die - Away

Have you ever wondered what would it be if the good ol' goa met today's modern psytrance? Here it is!

Sine Die (Yohan Lasorsa, a.k.a. Noda), after producing electronic music for the last 8 years, is finally ready to present you his special alchemy from the French Alps!

Life Hack is more than a simple debut album, it's a digitalized journey into space, time and consciousness. Each track defines its own story, supported by hypnotic and uplifting melodies, mixed with a unique recipe of deep and groovy bass lines. Forget those formatted and repetitive psytrance albums, everything here is about originality!

While exploring various music genres, the unique atmosphere of the tracks will transport your mind back and forth around the trance line, through a music that takes its soul in your dreams and imagination...

If you're looking for something new, unique and refreshing then you found the perfect match! With 9 melodic stories to feel and experience, Life Hack is truly a genuine set of digital emotions that need to be shared, at home or on a dance floor.

Sine Die - Secrets

"J'ai déjà volé dans cette soucoupe, même qu'elle n'est pas terminée."

"Une sorte de vol par la pensée."

"Le mental pour les moteurs."

"Ça sera un robot."

"La terre est un triangle, c'est pas rond comme on croit."

From the Belgian TV show 'Strip Tease' episode 'Le Grand Voyage'

Sine Die - Life Hack: Front