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T.K.Y. - Above And Beyond

T.K.Y. - Above And Beyond
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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TKY - Above And Beyond


01 T.K.Y. - Down The Hill
02 T.K.Y. - Reflections
03 T.K.Y. - No Worries Mate
04 T.K.Y. - Taupo Dive
05 T.K.Y. - Magnetic
06 T.K.Y. - Sandfly Dunes
07 T.K.Y. - One Lane Bridge
08 T.K.Y. - Above & Beyond
09 T.K.Y. - Goldenbay Spirits
10 T.K.Y. - You Never Know

After 7 years of various compilations releases and 2 years of work comes T.K.Y's debut album.

T.K.Y is the project of gifted producer, Yaniv Zaidman (25 Yr.), a sound engineer and composer of music for various media platforms.
His impressive resume includes 20 years of keyboard playing and loads of theoretical knowledge, number of movies, a several compilation releases on labels such as Candyflip, Agitato, Com.Pact and Golden Bay records.

Above and Beyond is a story of a journey to the southern hemisphere.
A cultural experience and exposure to the heart of the Oceana world.
From the modern society to the deepest of the tribal life of the Australian aborigines and the New Zealandian Maoris this album is where east and west meet.

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