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Tor.Ma In Dub - Big Blue Story

Tor.Ma In Dub - Big Blue Story
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Tor.Ma In DuB - Big Blue Story


01 Tor.Ma In Dub - Just Five
02 Tor.Ma In Dub - Inside My Headphones
03 Tor.Ma In Dub - Imaginate
04 Tor.Ma In Dub - Mitzu's Friend
05 Tor.Ma In Dub - Raining Dub
06 Tor.Ma In Dub - Listening Some Dimensions
07 Tor.Ma In Dub - About Love (Rmx To Dawn Penn)
08 Tor.Ma In Dub - Lost Link
09 Tor.Ma In Dub - Return
10 Tor.Ma In Dub feat. Denisse - Welcome Sun
11 Tor.Ma In Dub - The People In My Head

Here comes No. 2 of Iono's 'Private Sessions' ambient series...

...introducing Mexican Rafael Hernandez, better known as Tor.Ma.

With this release Tor.Ma is offering you a very interesting album, full of musical masterpieces for your personal relaxation and enjoyment. Tor.Ma's unique sound can't be classed in a special music genre.

His debut album 'Big Blue Story' includes 11 engaged tracks and is going to take you on a journey from spherical downbeat tunes until it crosses the border to finest psychedelic dub sounds. Once you have started listening to that CD, you will sense a magic atmosphere around you.

With his excellent musical education, Rafael is able to include classical instruments into his music, giving his tracks a special handmade and homogeneous character.

Iono Music is proud to contribute this special edition for your reassurance after a long party night or simply as your musical companion for a lazy Sunday afternoon at home.