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Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker - Rewired

Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker - Rewired
LabelLiquid Sound Design
Typealbum, CD

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Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker Rewired


01 Tripswitch - Exiled (Gaudi Remix)
02 Tripswitch - Shamanic Tea (Manasseh Remix)
03 Tripswitch - Indigo (Androcell Remix)
04 Tripswitch - Roll Your Own (Youth Vs Subsonar Remix)
05 Tripswitch - Tachyon (Codemonkey's Cosmic Rumba Remix)
06 Tripswitch - Cartwheel (Mirror System Remix)
07 Tripswitch - Silver (Shiloh's Futureprog Remix)
08 Tripswitch - Tomahana (Kuba Remix)
09 Tripswitch - Viscous (Eat Static's Jumbled Noise Remix)
10 Tripswitch - Deep Park (Digitallis's Back In The Day Remix)

01 Tripswitch - Exiled
02 Tripswitch - Shamanic Tea
03 Tripswitch - Indigo
04 Tripswitch - Roll Your Own
05 Tripswitch - Tachyon
06 Tripswitch - Cartwheel
07 Tripswitch - Silver
08 Tripswitch - Tomahana
09 Tripswitch - Viscous
10 Tripswitch - Deep Park

Nick Brennan aka Tripswitch has been involved in the music industry for many years an accomplished guitarist who's played in everything from punk, rock, blues and jazz bands, he co-ran a commercial recording studio and rehearsal rooms in London in the late 90s. Now a renowned chill-out DJ and producer, Nick's 'Tripswitch' project has seen widespread critical acclaim and established his place in the A-list of downtempo artists. As well as a long list of compilation inclusions, including selection by the likes of Jose Padilla (Cafe del Mar), Claude Challe (Buddha Bar) and Nick Warren (Way Out West / Global Underground), Nick's 2005 debut long-player 'Circuit Breaker', was immediately hailed as a classic in its genre.

Now with a brand new CD of remixes from the likes of Gaudi, Manasseh, Eat Static, Youth vs Subsonar, Mirror System and Shiloh this package will be released as a double cd including the original 2005 album.

Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker - Rewired: Front