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Various Artists - Blah

Various Artists - Blah
LabelHypnotica Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Wizack Twizack - Blah
02 Kalilaskov As - Passion
03 Gidra - Adopt A Demon
04 Troglodytes - Try This
05 Kryptum - Lyge
06 Audiopathik - Aversion Creation
07 Katastrof - Save The World, Kill Yourself
08 Gorump Peyya - Talos Hypnosc
09 Hishiryo - Stoned Together
10 Animal - Machine

"Hypnotica Records is presenting its second compilation; all tracks have been selected and compiled by Talos. This is a personal compilation filled with memories and trippy flashbacks from artists located in Mexico, India, Sweden, France, Belgium, Portugal, Macedonia and Israel.

Blah is here to blow your mind with trippy, heavy and mentally dark sounds. Be sure to get a copy of this compilation that will be released in only 500 copies.