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Various Artists - Chromaconnection: Chromatone & Friends

Various Artists - Chromaconnection: Chromatone & Friends
LabelVaporvent Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Chromatone - Chromaconnection


01 Chromatone & Random & Helios - Merciful Error
02 Chromatone & Christine - Existentialist Detectives
03 Chromatone & Earthling & Random - Biiiig Sticky
04 Chromatone & Central Processing Unit & Random - Strengthen The Strange
05 Chromatone & Digital Talk & Random - Spiritual Reality
06 Chromatone & Freaks Of Nature - Glow-Stick Armageddon
07 Chromatone & Hyper Frequencies & Random - Laser Wax
08 Chromatone & Neuromotor & E.S.X.S. - Electryk Chromama
09 Chromatone & Rob-Ot & Psytony - Green Power House

Chromatone: "Chroma" meaning color in full spectrum and then divined into "Tone" or sound. Instead of sitting alone in a studio trying to make the same "Track" 9 times for an album, Chromatone teams up with his friends and favorite producers in order to create the ultimate collection of high level "Songs" with psychedelic story.

Through the vision of trance that is heavy and driving while, uplifting and musical, Chromatone defines his powerful sound as "Maximalist". Using many layers to satisfy a great range of taste with every element from grinding snarly leads to beautiful majestic atmospheres that fly above the enormous bouncing bass lines and intricate percussion. Each track is a polished gem that stands on its own, and have been proven across the globe to propel dance-floors to the hight of ecstatic exuberance.

This truly one of a kind and timeless sonic experience is a must have CD that will be enjoyed over and over for years to come.