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Various Artists - Dream Theatre

Various Artists - Dream Theatre
LabelCosmic Theatre Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hutti Heita - Wizard Of Qua Qua
02 Onkel Dunkel - Dogma
03 Jahbo - Trummel Fummel
04 Eraser vs Yöjalka - Arraknophobia
05 Zoolog - Waltz Of The Hypnotic
06 Encephalopaticys - Sumava Terapy
07 Vivasvan - Science Of Self Realisation
08 Glooex - Black & White
09 Eraser vs Yöjalka & Ocelot - Dreamatics

Cosmic Theatre Records presents a new compilation "Dream Theatre", which includes nine sneaky tunes all fresh and furious. Label owner Anar carefully selected and boiled a true forest tale through many atmospheres and swampy woods. Luminokaya Lab. finalized the concept with beautiful and natural 3D artwork served on digipack. Tune it on and ride with new twirling sequences of forest trance!

Various Artists - Dream Theatre: Front