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Various Artists - Fractal Energy

Various Artists - Fractal Energy
Typecompilation, CD


01 Electric Universe - Shift
02 Neuromotor vs Electrocult - Humamacumadi
03 Outer Signal - Alien Signal
04 Painkiller vs Puzzle - Invalid Extension
05 Sidhartha - Sidhartha
06 Mad Netic - Jungle Groove
07 Kali - Travelizer
08 Chromatone vs Random - Lighter Than Light
09 Elec3 - Purple Shrimp
10 Hexagnum - The Poem

Fractal Records is back with a new killer compilation - Fractal Energy

After the great feedback of our first release, VA - Brain Chemistry, Dj Solaris is back with a stunning selection of previously unreleased tracks that will freak the globe one more time...

Fractal Energy include nine fullon tracks, each one of them "pure dance-floor caos bombs" taking the listener to a universe of high-tech full on sound and one downbeat bonus-track.

This compilation was crafted with much love and dedication and it was designed to drive you through a world of pure mind explosion.Each track have a rich potential of different energies so we can say that is perfect music for night and day!!

Electric universe track is a perfect choice to introduce you into this new sound experience...

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