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Various Artists - Goa 19

Various Artists - Goa 19
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Prosper - Massive
02 Crux - Hot like a Chilli
03 Magoon - Don't Panik
04 Trancelussion - Wonder by Radio (Neolussion Remix)
05 Trauma - Revalotion (Indra Remix)
06 Sesto Sento - People
07 Broken Toy - Crowd Disrapter
08 Ultravoice vs Bizzare Contact - Ultrabizzy (Aqutica vs Apocalypse Remix)
09 Phonic Request vs Shagma - The Magic Ring
10 Dari Sana - Shanghai Nut

01 9West - Stereo Glass
02 Krumelur - Outdoors
03 Volu-men - Zauberfloete
04 Human Blue - Galactic Fire
05 Esterian Project - Sonnenblumenkerne
06 S.U.N. Project - Hangin' Around (Teenage Rampage Remix)
07 Crux - 24 Frames
08 Volu-men - Tagtraum
09 Human Blue - Therpsichore
10 Prosper - Overstar

The year 2006 ends with another edition of GOA VOL.19. The strongest selling title reaching way over 6000 units in Europe alone. Vol.19 brings you all the rare tunes and hidden classics you might have heard but never managed to get your hands on.

Amazing tracks by Japanese act Crux, unreleased material by Dari Sana and an unreleased Teenage Rampage Remix of 'Hangin' Around' by S.U.N. Project.

Not to be missed are German newcomers Volu-men with two Dance floor Killers and for the fans of more progressive sounds, Transient Records latest release Human Blue says it all.

Various Artists - Goa 19: Front