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Various Artists - Goa Sound System 6

Various Artists - Goa Sound System 6
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Aerospace - Corrupted Remix
02 N.O.K. - Moon Voices
03 Psycraft - Bad Girl
04 Freakulizer - Moving In Harmony
05 Galactika - Essential
06 Protoculture - Out Of Reality
07 Domestic & Astrix - Solaris Part 2
08 Electro Sun - High Cue
09 Hypersonic - Another Dimension

01 Lish - Slow Me Away (Wizzy Noise Remix)
02 Psycraft - Feel The Vibe
03 Silence Hill - 24 Covers
04 Ultravoice vs DJ Ziki - Zikzak
05 Altom - People Are Strange
06 Noises With Aplitudes - Satelite
07 Cosmic Station - Phat Cuttz (N.O.K. Remix)
08 S.O.L. - Tribute (Cosmic Station Remix)
09 Ibojima - Voices From Above

GOA SOUND SYSTEM, the well-established series, is another impressive Power Pack. Compiled by Alxander Dorkian, also known as GALACTIKA, has compiled the most influential acts (ASTRIX, DELIRIOUS, PROTOCULTURE, LISH and PSYCRAFT), the rising stars (GALACTIKA, AEROSPACE and SILENT HILL) and last but not least, spiced it up with two unreleased tracks by NWA and the S.O.L. Remix of Cosmic Station.

Y.S.E. has developed into the leading GOA TRANCE Label in Europe and our stand is unique, our product is of impressive qualitiy and rest assured that Y.S.E. will deliver without fail!

Various Artists - Goa Sound System 6: Front