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Various Artists - Imaginarity

Various Artists - Imaginarity
LabelGlowing Flame Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Kluster - Come On
02 Humbug - Still With It
03 Alter Conscious - Mountain
04 Imaginary Sight - Changing
05 Yudhisthira - Gunesvara
06 Trold - Playing With Fire
07 Imaginary Sight - Shiva
08 Trold - Mist In The Maze
09 Braincell - Spheres

Unknown realms of light and joy, pleasant, unspoiled, so close but yet so distant. Travel to the place you've never seen, heard, smelled or tasted and yet knew that it has been here all along. Tune into the spin of the imaginarity machine.

Following the previous five releases, this compilation is the most powerful Glowing Flame release to date. It includes nine exclusive and previously unreleased tracks. They represent an authentic sound tested on most of the massive dancefloors from Japan to Brasil.

Imaginarity is a blend of Glowing Flame artists, and projects of well established musicians enriched with fresh upcoming talents.