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Various Artists - The Well Of Enchanted Sounds

Various Artists - The Well Of Enchanted Sounds
LabelGlowing Flame Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Yudhisthira - Damru
02 Uruz & Ansuzvs Krussedull - Boom After Boom
03 Imaginary Sight - Outhere
04 Trold - Eye Of The World
05 Imaginary Sight - Great Cosmos
06 Glowing Flame - Peyote
07 Braincell - The Experiment
08 Yudhisthira - Molk
09 Rastaliens - Dataline

Deep inside the old forest is the well of enchanted sounds. Safely hidden from the exploiting habitants and their devastating intentions, it contains the magical liquor that gives its drinker the magic touch of shaping sounds that lure, tease, enchant and delude even the most tenacious heart.

Having returned lately from the old forest, the Glowing Flame fellowship, consisted of very familiar faces, is happy yet impatient to share the ripe fruitsof the exciting quest for the mysterious well.
Taste this nine fresh and juicy fruits for they still have the potency and the essence of the magical liquor of the well, that if allowed, can set an offspring of inspiration, knowledge and wisdom
through your innermost spheres, and give you the map that leads to the well of enchanted sounds.

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