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Various Artists - League Of Shadows

Various Artists - League Of Shadows
LabelNoize Conspiracy
Typecompilation, CD


01 Abomination - Revelations
02 Digital Talk - The Keeper
03 Delysid - League Of Shadows
04 Seroxat - Dark Days
05 Phatmatix - Mind Manipulation
06 Azax Syndrom - Replica (Abomination Remix)
07 Fungus Funk - Noise Waveform
08 Frozen Ghost vs Hiyarant - Lockdown
09 Wicca - California Nightmare

Mike noize is the owner of the well known and established label based in Cyprus with the name 'Noize Conspiracy Records'. These 9 top notch unreleased tracks have been gathered from all over the globe to cause some major mayhem in the dancefloors. The 'League of shadows' has been compiled in a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Inspired by the deep cultural background of this multi invaded island, came out to deliver a message, to conspire against the commercial wave of human thoughts and feelings. This compilation is hyper energetic and a perfect tool for the dance floor. Ranging between 145 to 150 BPM.

There are things that go bump in the night ... And we are the ones who bump back... Are u ready to become a member of The Leauge of Shadows???

Various Artists - League Of Shadows: Front