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Delysid - Noize Infection

Delysid - Noize Infection
LabelNoize Conspiracy
Typealbum, CD


01 Delysid - Epidemic Disorder
02 Delysid - Traumatic Injury
03 Delysid - Rage Immunity
04 Delysid - Silent Virus
05 Delysid - Contagious Delusion
06 Combat - Mind Revolution (Delysid Remix)
07 Delysid - Noize Infection
08 Delysid - Demential Conspiracy
09 Delysid - Lucid Madness
10 Exaile - Use Your Mind (Delysid Remix)

Noize Conspiracy proudly presents the 6th release: DELYSID Debut Album "Noize Infection" Delysid has been raging around the world for the past years and ended up in the hot bed of the South American Psytrance, Brazil!!

With tons of big parties under their belt playing as either of their super wild Live Act and doing epic Dj Sets. They finally slowed down enough to write and produce these 10 super stormers for their Debut Album "Noize Infection" and the results are devastating!!

Delysid is exploring the cutting edge sounds of twilight trance and got completly infected by them. All the tracks are filled of pounding rythms, mindblowing sequences and powered up basslines melting into psychedelic viruses that are coming out from this masterpiece causing the listener some serious DNA alterations.

Delysid - Noize Infection: Front