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Various Artists - Molecular Counterpart

Various Artists - Molecular Counterpart
LabelPhantasm Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Molecular Counterpart


01 Cosmosis - Kinda Weird 2007 Remix
02 Anti Gravity - Auricular Delight
03 Bliss vs Painkiller - Dwarf Hunting
04 Tactical Strike vs V-Storm - Electron Counterbalance (Interactive Remix)
05 Sirius Isness - Shoot
06 Painkiller - Barcode
07 Substance - What Are U Into?
08 220V - Give Me Some More
09 Cycle Sphere - Time For Base

Business as usual trancefloor stormer from Phantasm set to blast all corners of the earth - and beyond! - this summer, with scorching sounds from label staples Sirius Isness, Cosmosis, Cycle sphere, Bliss and more...

Various Artists - Molecular Counterpart: Front