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Various Artists - Neo Full On 3

Various Artists - Neo Full On 3
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Fatali - Dawn
02 Opposite8 - Stop Thinking
03 Tron - Existence
04 U-Recken - Plastic
05 System Nipel - Deep Into Matter
06 Crystal Sound - Shamatrix
07 Morning Dust - New Vision
08 Vibe Tribe - Memories
09 Ion - Deep Inside

01 Andromeda - Oxygene
02 Freq - Stone Shaker
03 Galactika - Blue Velvet
04 Protoculture - Sub States
05 Sub 6 - Droid Save Da Queen (X-Noize Remix)
06 Optokoppler - Take A Trip
07 Kruger & Coyle - The Witness (Bulletproof Remix)
08 Oforia - Spiders
09 Time Lock - TNT

Territory Restrictions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia.

NEO-FULL ON is an explosive mix of the most banging tunes the scene has to offer and has already developed into a steady grower amongst the Scene with growing sales figures and steady sales through the year.

This time, Alexander Ligowski and the chief editor of Mushroom Magazine, Kai Matthersdorf, have compiled NE-FULL ON VOL.3.

The track list is an impressive "Who Is Who" of the scene, enjoy top acts such FATALI, OFORIA, ANDROMEDA, SUB 6 as well as shooting stars OPTOKOPPLER, GALACTIKA, TIMELOCK and VIBE TRIBE.

Various Artists - Neo Full On 3: Front