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Various Artists - Neurology 2

Various Artists - Neurology 2
LabelNeurobiotic Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Zen Mechanics - Neurology Vol.2


01 2Hi - Into The Future
02 PTX - Conflict
03 Joti Sidhu - Distorted Reality (Live Remix)
04 Flip Flop - Cheque One
05 Joti Sidhu - Party Animals
06 Zen Mechanics - Vurt (Sinewave Remix)
07 Polaris - Straight Ahead
08 Commercial Hippies - The 7th Fold
09 Zen Mechanics - Glade Runner
10 Alchemix - What Is Reality

Following the success of the first Neurology compilation, Neurobiotic records is proud to present Neurology vol.2, once again compiled by dj Edoardo, one of the most requested djs in the trance scene.
Edoardo hardly needs any introduction, been very well known for his trade-marked sets made of percussive morning delights and wicked mixing technique.
Edoardo has been headlining parties in all sides of the planet, including the biggest festivals as Sonica, Glade, Voov, Full Moon Festival, Samothraki,Tribe, Kaballah, Creamfields, Rainbow Serpent, TAZ, Soulclipse, Universo Paralello and he's constantly touring the world playing his tunes.
It took him one year to compile this compilation, being sure to release something far away from the usual disposable trance.
Featured artists are the usual Neurobiotic suspects plus a bunch of great talents from other labels as Nano Records and Alchemy Records.
2Hi (Marcello VOR & Vibra) from Brazil opens the compilation with a monster tune, introducing its first album going to be released on Neurobiotic soon. PTX from Israel follows up with one of the most played tunes of the last months introducing a remix of Neurobiotic stable Joti Sidhu, remixing his track released on the Sonica compilation in 2005. Flip flop from Alchemy Records then gives us a track that will remind most of you some old tunes, Psychaos is then back, after years of absence, with a tune that makes you think of the old days of trance, serious stuff! After this, Sinewave comes with a great remix of a track released on Alchemy Records not long ago and introduces Polaris, also busy in finishing is album for Neurobiotic. Commercial hippies from Nano Records then deliver a great morning track.
Zen Mechanics, one of the most acclaimed newcomers presents then a track that gives you an idea of what his album, later on Neurobiotic, will be about. Last but not least, a Greek newcomer giving the perfect track to close such a compilation.

Various Artists - Neurology 2: Front