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Various Artists - No Tone Unstirred

Various Artists - No Tone Unstirred
LabelFaerie Dragon
Typecompilation, CD

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Puoskari - No Tone Unstirred


01 Outolintu - Shizzlin Da Virable
02 Spiders Silk - Delisyd
03 Sienis - Momentary Insanity
04 Salakavala - Natto License
05 Puoskari - Far From Home
06 Squaremeat - Golden Accordion
07 Puoskari - Intelligent Msungu
08 LPC - Hideaway
09 Eraser vs Yöjalka - Just Looking For The Best Pieces Of This Puzzle
10 Eraser vs Yöjalka & Haltya - A Morning Story
11 Tamlin - The Misty Gardens Of Swiidendo

Faerie Dragon has finally opened the psychedelic vault to bring you the release of their second compilation No Tone Unstirred'. The tracks have been selected to take you from the brink of dawn and beyond with the intent of sending you sideways and putting a smile on your face. Compiled by Sourcepan, No Tone Unstirred features 11 tracks from these fine purveyors of unadulterated left of centre twisted goodness.....

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