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Various Artists - Orientation 2

Various Artists - Orientation 2
LabelDacru Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Orientation Vol.2


01 Chromosome - Valmorphorized
02 Aquila (2) - Destructive Ends
03 Digicult vs Ephedrix - Formula 25
04 System Failure - Acid Injection
05 Digicult - Avenida De Belgica (Perplex Remix)
06 Bamboo Forest - Voyager (Solar System Remix)
07 Electro Sun - No Senses Remix
08 Didrapest - Kalimero
09 Twilight - Lysergic Cinematics
10 Digicult feat. Dj Oonah - Next Stop Earth

The second volume in the Orientation series is again compiled by Dacru label A&R DJ Nemesis. It brings you the known ingredients: 10 quality melodic full on tracks produced by a mix of todays top artists and up and coming new talents. There is also a special reason for this release and that's the celebration of the 5 year existence of the Dacru organisation! And it wouldn't be a celebration if they weren't excited about the final product.

They've got ELECTRO SUN remixing his own No Senses track to an unseen dancefloor monster. More Israeli top talent with PERPLEX doing a remix of Avenida de BĂ©lgica, the title track of the recent DIGICULT full album. Turn up your speakers for SOLAR SYSTEM remixing legendary French project BAMBOO FOREST. Also, more DigiCult tracks are waiting in collaboration with other Dacru artists: DIGICULT & EPHEDRIX teamed up for this one after a magical Mexican tour in 2005. DIGICULT & DJ OONAH on the other hand, are taking care of the melancholic outro to the cd. The intro is, in good tradition, the valmorphorizing work of CHROMOSOME. Next to all known artists, some thriving new talent has been sprinkled over the compilation with SYSTEM FAILURE and DIDRAPEST showing the future Israeli sound, TWILIGHT adds the essential Mexican touch and AQUILA, the newcomers at Dacru records, giving you a taste of what else is cooking on Belgian soil. Expect to hear lots of these powerful melodic anthems at parties and festivals across the globe!