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Various Artists - Program Change

Various Artists - Program Change
Label3D Vision Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Program Change


01 Nomad - 2001 Nuits
02 GMS vs Talamasca - Mutation
03 Talamasca - Come On!
04 Nomad - Another World
05 Space Cat vs Talamasca - Armageddon
06 Talamasca vs Nomad - Password
07 Nomad vs Talamasca - Psycho (Tribute to Infected Mushroom)
08 Talamasca - Robotic Planet
09 Nomad - Blue Nights

GMS vs Talamasca - Mutation

'Ladies & gentelmen we are now seeing the begining of another stage of human evolution'

'Mutation it is the key to our evolution it has us to envolve from single cell oraganisim into the dominante species on the planet , this procces is slow and normally taking thousnds & thousnds of years but every few hundred millenium evolution leads forward.'

From the movie 'X-Men'


Talamasca - Robotic Planet

- .... space from Ix.
- Yes?
- How was your journey?
- Many machines on Ix. New machines

From the movie 'Dune'


Various Artists - Program Change: Front
Various Artists - Program Change: Back
Various Artists - Program Change: Inside