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Various Artists - Psychofluid

Various Artists - Psychofluid
LabelMorphonic Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Audiotec & Genetic Syndrome - The Secrets Of The Muze
02 Rumble Pack - Solitaire
03 Lamat - Fade To Gray
04 Life Extension - Relax
05 F.F.T - Virtual DNA
06 Shagma - Nevralgic
07 Ion - G8
08 Ancient Beach - Dimension Seeker (Huicholity Remix)
09 Ital - Going To The Matrix

After exploring the psychedelic side of the brain with the Psyside 3rd album release, Morphonic Records is back with a new compilation, named Psychofluid.

This CD features 9 tracks, 9 "fluids" of Trance from well known artists as Audiotec, Lamat Shagma, FFT or Life Extension and some newcomers like Ital.

The Rumble Pack track is accompanying the release of the debut album of these talented swiss artists and is already promised to great future!

This colourful musical journey will bring you on the edges of Morning Full-On style, activating the "psychofluid" inside your body to keep you dancing until late hours of the morning!

Various Artists - Psychofluid: Front