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Various Artists - Pygmees Groove vol 2

Various Artists - Pygmees Groove vol 2
LabelTurbo Trance Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Deedrah - Fulguropoing
02 Elec3 - Techno Flash
03 Manmademan - Manta
04 Triptych - El Peckan
05 Ecliptic - Crushed
06 Talamasca - Groovy Pygmees part 1 (Tikal Remix)
07 Sonnik - First Ray Of The New Sunrise
08 Polaris - Deep Blue
09 Orion - Quick Step

Starting strong from the beginning with one of the pioneers of trance: Deedrah, also well known as Synthetic, GBU, Cypher, Frederico Baltimore, to name a few and, of course, the legendary Transwave, that nowadays has been reformed. Deedrah also has released his music on labels as Spun, Twisted and Solstice Deedrah is offering us here his musical vision upon the machinery, using his typical recipe with influences coming out of the techno-scene, it has a nice evolving construction leading to a real trippy and melodic end-part part, created with his never ending fat production!

Up next, Turbo Trance's Israeli project, Elec3, with a new track named "Techno flash", a wicked blend between techno, electro and psy trance, a dance-floor stomper for sure!
Manmademan is following to deliver us "Manta", once again with techno-influences like the previous 2 tracks, however, it has a funkier groove and a more hypnotic construction than previous ones.

Triptych, who recently has had releases on Transient, Mind Control, and System recordings, picks up the torch and enlights this compilation, maintaining the technoid groove with a dynamic "El Peckan", telling us a real fairy tale.

Then, the guys from the Mexican act Ecliptic follow, who are signed by the well known label Maia Records. They present us "Crushed", a real dancefloor killer, putting once again their signature for being real masters in managing their unique funked up tech-trance style!
Talamasca, the man behind Mind Control Records, is back with his "Groovy Pygmees part 1", released on the first volume of this series. This time remixed by Tikal (Neurobiotic Rec.) with a more ethnic version full of voices, tribal songs and chorus. Especially brought to you to guide you straight into the Pygmees groove heart!

Then, a new Turbo Trance comer, Sonnik, is presenting is his first track, "First ray of the new sunrise", in a pure full on morning sound, influenced by artists such Logic Bomb. This first track is impressing and you can be sure to see this artist as one of the new leaders of the scene very soon!

Polaris (Neurobiotic rec), with a "Deep blue" morning track, continues the journey, taking down the BPM a little bit, but still pumping to the max. One melancholic and Hi-teck track at the same time.

And last but not least, to close this new trip in the Pygmees world, another pioneer in the scene, Jean Borelli aka Orion, also known under the name of "Crunchy Punchy" in collaboration with "Alien Project" and releasing his music under "Solstice Japan" label, is back with the track "Quick step", that resumes really well to the style of this groovy psy-tech compilation..
To be continued

Various Artists - Pygmees Groove vol 2: Front
Various Artists - Pygmees Groove vol 2: Back
Various Artists - Pygmees Groove vol 2: Back 2
Various Artists - Pygmees Groove vol 2: Inside
Various Artists - Pygmees Groove vol 2: Inside 2