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Various Artists - Raw

Various Artists - Raw
LabelGround Breaking Music
Typecompilation, CD


01 Exaile - In Your Face
02 Synergy - Who's Speaking
03 Outsiders - Survive
04 Bliss - Who Let The Pigs In?
05 Tube - Star Wars
06 Psychotic Micro - Psychotic Voices
07 Tube vs KoxBox - Damage Control
08 CPU - Default Patterns
09 Painkiller - Energy State
10 Gbm Alliance - No Name

Ground Breaking Music (G.B.M), is a new, fresh label, founded by three well known artists: TUBE, PSYCHOTIC MICRO & EXAILE V/A RAW CD is the debut compilation of this very promising alliance, and consists of 10 cutting edge, previously unreleased, powerful tracks.RAW CD presents a new fresh angle of trance music, highly innovative deep and upliftingBrand new track from Exaile, Psychotic Micro & Tube, cooperation between Kox Box & Tube, and a blossom of a new project, cooperation between Exaile & Psychotic Micro "Outsiders".RAW CD also feature tracks by leading international acts, Bliss, CPU, Painkiller, Synergy and closes with a mega powerful track by the Compilers and Hosts, The GBM Alliance Tube, Psychotic Micro & Exalie.Are You Ready To Rumble???

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