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Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Summer 2005

Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Summer 2005
LabelRevolve Magazine
Typecompilation, CD


01 Gaudium - Nordic nature
02 Phony Orphants - I want too...
03 Tikal - Welcome
04 Blanka - Whoops
05 Black and White - Retro Active
06 Manmademan - William (Remix)
07 Aphid Moon - He who survives
08 Vibe Tribe - Thriller (Re-edit)
09 Freakulizer - The awakening process
10 Lemurians - Systematic (Safi Connection Remix)

Freakulizer - The Awakening Process

The awakening process, the awakening life, what a wounderfull notion it is to be awaken. It's like when u go to sleep at night and you're dreaming, the only way u know u'r dreaming is to awaken. And it's a similar thing here, this awakened life buisness that we're talking about.

Whenu wake up from this Dream, this 80-year or 100-year dream, you begin to realise that the only way u know you're dreaming is to awaken.

You want to create an awakening process while you really are looking back on the dream from a perspectiv of "What it is?" rather than what you think "It should be"

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