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Various Artists - Samsara

Various Artists - Samsara
LabelSamsara Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Samsara


01 Syntrax - Travel In The Castle
02 White Wizard - White Wizard
03 Dark Elf vs Innersound - Radio Crow
04 Noise Gust - Life Hucking
05 Para Halu - Shivas Breakfast
06 Jellyheadz vs Orestis - Feeling Of Power
07 Blisargon Demogorgon - The Only Way
08 Gorump Peyya - It's Gonna Be Terrible
09 Psychoz - Get Away

Arsenals of talented dark psytrance artists comprise VA Samsara, a compilation that depicts the cycle of reincarnation. It elucidates the ongoing cycle of birth using the medium of surging sound waves. The conception has two major aspects - a dark and evil side that shouts out to the listener accompanied by a variation of harmonies that annotates the abstract, yet so concrete, chain of karma. The rhythm and energy levels are maintained until the very conclusion and are characterized by the flawless combination of dynamism and sheer power. The listener can truly feel the notion of Samsara' once the great revolving door that trascends heaven through hell has been witnessed. An assortment of sounds that truly enlightens its listener.

Various Artists - Samsara: Front