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Various Artists - Solar Signals

Various Artists - Solar Signals
LabelIono Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Solar Signals


01 Timedrained - Unloved
02 Funky Dragon - Kristal Draggin
03 Visua - Shaman
04 Saeg - Solar Signals (Timedrained Remix)
05 Klopfgeister - Luminosity (Invisible Reality Remix)
06 Invisible Reality - Real Vision
07 Suntree & Antigravity - Getting High
08 Temptation - Mountains
09 Procloure - Sad On Red

Again Murus and Cubixx bring you a bunch of colourful flowers, freshly picked from our musical field of joy. As usual you can expect high quality tracks, produced with passion and proficiency and compiled for your ambitious taste and pleasure. Varying in different styles, from the percussive funky to the uplifting and psychedelic, this pure and mature trance compilation follows straight the signals of this years open air summer.

With its warm, deep sounds and perfect arrangements it will go directly under your skin and make you tasting the special summer flavour that this energetic music is particularly made for. Solar Signals is with no doubt our honest confession to that kind of electronic music which survived many trends in the past. And it1s also our view into the near future, a foretaste for the upcoming album work by Funky Dragon, TimeDrained, Invisible Reality and Klopfgeister, which are going to be released in the next months.

So open your mind to receive our musical summer signals, sent to you by highly notable artists from Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Germany.

Various Artists - Solar Signals: Front