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Various Artists - The Devil-Fish

Various Artists - The Devil-Fish
LabelKabrathor Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 The Herectic vs D-Fragmental - Hell Again
02 Electrypnose vs Mubali - Data Potion
03 Dejan vs Jun - Mosi Mosi
04 Deadline vs Baphomet Engine - Winds Of Change (Psyhamaa vs XaMa CIrKus Remix)
05 Electrypnose vs DocD - Digital Tricot
06 Hishiryo vs Oxidelic - Salsa Grave
07 Electrypnose vs Elendyl - Marmitage
08 White Wizard vs Baphomet Engine - Freaks Like Me (What Is Reality)
09 Hishiryo vs Katastrof - Cannibal Bloody Ride
10 Hishiryo vs Kiriyama - Nantoka Yattemasu

The Devil fish (Mobula mobular, also known as the Giant devil ray) is an Eagle Ray in the genus Mobula. The Devil fish vibrations colours and tentacles movements represents the connections between Kabrathor cast and friends around the world. With this concept V.A. Compilation, Kabrathor brings the psychedelic flavour from 10 different countries mixing with the underground and night tune taste of the Kabrathor artists. The tracks selected on this compilation represents the travels and connections of each Kabrathor artist around the world. One jewel for the psychedelic head that wanna explores the combo mix between artists from different places that makes a journey inside the night psychedelic trance music. This compilation also will featuring the mastering process made by Vins Le Barde at Electrypnose Studio.

Various Artists - The Devil-Fish: Front