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Various Artists - Tomatogun

Various Artists - Tomatogun
LabelInsomnia Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Tomatogun - Russian Psytrance Vol. 2


01 Flucturion vs Kraft - Elegant Fury
02 Mindex - Zoki And Bada
03 Kraft - Mental Virus
04 Kindzadza vs Kaliflower - Fifth Essence
05 Already Maged - Grimoire Pentagramme
06 Furious - Btm
07 Fearkiller - Tonkie
08 Sprinter - Overdose
09 CPC vs Lost Eden - Doom Doom
10 Psybird - Provocateur

Straight from the Moscow underground, 10 fresh bullets from Insomnia charger! The famous Russian record label continues to deliver finest psychedelic trance to the global audience. This time we bring you a compilation filled with tracks written and produced by the best established and upcoming Russian trance acts. Here you will find deep, powerful, intense and industrial influenced music which made local scene well known and respected all over the world. Tomatogun is a pure cream of contemporary russian sound and a proof that true vibe is still here. Welcome to the world of russian psychedelia!