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Various Artists - Tourist Trophy Tracks

Various Artists - Tourist Trophy Tracks
LabelSolstice Music International
Typecompilation, CD


01 Bio Tonic - The Chase Is Better Than The Race
02 Hujaboy - The Eternal Now
03 Joti Sidhu - Moderate Stimulation
04 Quadra - Fiber Optics
05 Gataka vs DJ Ziki - Time Reaction
06 Talamasca - Feelings
07 Sun Paulo - I Against Speed (Quadra Remix)
08 Wrecked Machines - Wind Jammer
09 Bio Tonic - Rock And Tonic

Solstice Music releases a compilation fully loaded with speedy psy-trance sensations as a sales kickoff commemoration for the Sony Playstation 2 red-hot motorcycle racing game, "Tourist Trophy". Including previously unreleased tracks from Bio-Tonic, Gataka vs. Ziki, Huja Boy, Joti Sidhu, Quadra, Talamasca, Wrecked Machines and a remix of the game's theme song by Quadra. An excellent companion to the mega hit PS2 game!!

Following the long selling "Gran Turismo 4 Kicks" (SOLMCD016), the second installation of the Solstice Music Sony Play Station 2 collaboration series has arrived. This time featuring the motorcycle racing game "Tourist Trophy" which debuted in May in Europe and is currently making a huge impact in the gaming scene. The CD includes four tracks used as BGM in this software such as the invigorating "Wind Jammer", the newest track from Wrecked Machines; a favorite of the younger generation, who has just completed "Wreck Chords", a double CD released on Spun Records.

Also included is the powerfully charging "The Chase is Better Than the Race", and an electronic rock trance "Rock and Tonic" tune from Bio-Tonic, a popular French trio with deeply committed fans.

Another dance floor killer "Fiber Optics" is provided by Quadra, an artist who's hit it so big that he's been bombarded with offers from all over the world. In addition, the CD also has full-on power tracks, "Moderate Stimulation", from the much respected artist Joti Sidhu and "The Eternal Now" by the Raja Ram approved Huja Boy. His new album will be released in late March on TipWorld.

Another key track is Quadra's hyper-remix of "I Against Speed", the Tourist Trophy's theme song. "Time Reaction" is collaboration between Gataka who's been rapidly gaining popularity and Ziki, an Israeli DJ living in Japan.

Rounding it all out is Talamasca, a seminal artist needing no description. This much talked about CD, "Tourist Trophy", imbues the listener with the sensation of hurtling through space and time.

Another exciting worldwide release from Solstice music!

Talamasca - Feelings

I had a vision this morning, and in this vision a thing was being born.

I thought maybe you can help me.

Me? What can i do?

Offer moral support if i panic and freeze, anything.

So if you wont belive...