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Various Artists - Twilight Vision

Various Artists - Twilight Vision
LabelNoize Conspiracy
Typecompilation, CD


01 Delysid - Spartan Law
02 Winter Demon & Phatmatix - Off Limits
03 Lost and Found vs Rabdom L - Ultimatum
04 Iron Madness - Illegality Actions
05 Khopat vs Technodrome - Take Control
06 Toxic - Waves Of Dawn (Delysid Remix)
07 Lost and Found - Jet Black
08 Brain Hunters - Strange Fragments
09 Damage - Techno Children (Zion Linguist Remix)

Once again Noize Conspiracy is offering 9 cutting-edge previously unreleased waves that have been pushed to the limit and have already been tested to the dancefloor around the globe pushing every mind to the speeds of 142-147 BPM. A mixed blend of names and styles all put together in order to represent the twilight hour dancefloor!! With ground breaking beats, supernatural fx, explosive sounds and energetic story telling feeling Twilight Vision will take over your speakers Full Force!

Various Artists - Twilight Vision: Front