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Various Artists - Wellspring 1: Equinocturnis

Various Artists - Wellspring 1: Equinocturnis
Typecompilation, CD


01 Chromatone vs Helios - New Conciousness
02 The Loomii - Freak Factory
03 Mindstorm - Psybernetic
04 Quadra - Vibrations
05 Penta - Blue Xmas
06 Aeon - There For, Party
07 Random - 13 Again
08 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Gung Fu Trippers
09 Deeper in Zen - Trancendelia
10 Rob-Ot - 1995

Wellspring is a celebration of life, art and freedom. The theme of freedom is expression and joyous celebration.

On the spring Solstice we traditionally start the outdoor party and festival season. Equinocturnis means equal night and we interpret it to remind us that the night is a very important time to gather together and form community in preparation for the year to come, embodied in the form of the sacred dance circle.

This compilation, the first in the Wellspring series, represents the music from the artists that perform at these ritual celebratory expressions of our faith in the cosmos for the eternal regeneration of the life process. Affirming our belief through action is the most powerful symbol to the universe. These sacred musical expressions presented here are harmonically tuned to create maximum mind - body, mental -physical and psychic cleansing through ecstatic dance and dynamic meditation.

Doctor Spook compiles these 10 dynamic aural meditations forming vol1 of this epic series.