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Astralasia - AstralogyMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD101995
Astralasia - Axis MundiMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD091995
Astralasia - The Space BetweenMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD141996
Astralasia - The Seven Pointed StarMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD181997
Astralasia - White BirdMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD221998
Astralasia - Something SomewhereTransient RecordsTRANR6342001


Astralasia - AfterlifeSub TerraneanSPV089-47342CD
Astralasia - AfterlifeSub TerraneanSPV089-47122CD
Astralasia - AfterlifeMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD14CD
Astralasia - Alien Love SongRumour RecordsTRIPCD08CD
Astralasia - Alien Love Song (Out There Somewhere Mix)Sub TerraneanSPV089-47362CD
Astralasia - Alien Love Song (Out There Somewhere Mix)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD21CD
Astralasia - AlooRumour RecordsTRIPCD10CD
Astralasia - Apple Of Durga's EyesMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD14CD
Astralasia - Astral VisionMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - BhagwashMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - Bongwater Dub (Kissing The Toad Mix)Planet Dog RecordsBARKCD015CD
Astralasia - Celestial OceanMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - Come InsideTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - DurgoTransient RecordsTRANR616CD
Astralasia - Every Mother's SonReturn to the SourceRTTSCD04CD
Astralasia - Every Mother's SunMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - FantasizeMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD14CD
Astralasia - Fantasize RealiseTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - Flight 303Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - Four MoonsLeguan RecordsDA56001-2CD
Astralasia - Four MoonsMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - God Forms On The AstralMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - GreyareaMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - GuruuveMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - HashishinMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - Her MajestiesTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - Her Majesties (Prelude)Transient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - I Am What I AmMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - I Talk To The WindMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - Ignarus (Lunar Poona)Planet Dog RecordsBARKCD007CD
Astralasia - Ignarus (Lunar Poona)Planet Dog RecordsBARKLP007LP
Astralasia - It Oughta Be (Celestial Ocean)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD14CD
Astralasia - Kalki's Coming (Forthcoming Visitation Mix)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD17CD
Astralasia - Kalkis ComingSub TerraneanSPV089-47032CD
Astralasia - KhalahariMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - Mad (Polaris Mix)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - MadamMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD14CD
Astralasia - MangoglitchMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - Mother DurgaMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - Mother Durga (Alternative Mix)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - Mystical BeliefMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - Oh CowellMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - One Fine DayMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - One Fine DayReturn to the SourceRTTSCD07CD
Astralasia - One Fine Day (Quirk Remix)Moonshine MusicMM80096-2CD
Astralasia - One Fine Day (Quirk Remix)USTA Records330109-1CD
Astralasia - Out ThereTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - Prophecy Of LifeTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - Realise Your PurposeMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - Secret SamanthaMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - Seven Pointed StarMatsuri ProductionsMPCD25CD
Astralasia - Seventh WanderMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - She DoesMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - ShineTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - Special WorldMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - Special World (Astral Dub)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - Sul E Stomp (Original Stompin Mix)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - Sully's TripMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD14CD
Astralasia - Sweet SomethingTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - Tantric AfterglowYoYo RecordsYOYO18CD
Astralasia - Tantric AfterglowYoYo RecordsYOYO18-28CD
Astralasia - Tantric AfterglowReturn to the SourceRTTSCD02CD
Astralasia - The SeaTransient RecordsTRANR634CD
Astralasia - The Seven Pointed StarMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - The Seven Pointed Star (Full Version 97)Leguan RecordsDA56017-2CD
Astralasia - The Spark Of LifeYoYo RecordsYOYO28CD
Astralasia - The Spark Of LifeYoYo RecordsYOYO18-28CD
Astralasia - The World Outside (Take A Look)Magick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - To A Better PlaceMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD14CD
Astralasia - Twilight GirlPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD002CD
Astralasia - Twilight WhirlPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP002LP
Astralasia - Univeria ZektMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - UtopiaMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD10CD
Astralasia - Vertigo SwirlMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - WhirlpoolMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD17CD
Astralasia - WhirlpoolSub TerraneanSPV089-47402CD
Astralasia - Whirlpool KaosMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - Who Are YouMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD18CD
Astralasia - Whose Sane HusseinMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD09CD
Astralasia - Your CallingMagick Eye RecordsMEYCD22CD
Astralasia - Astralogy Astralasia - Axis Mundi Astralasia - The Space Between Astralasia - The Seven Pointed Star Astralasia - White Bird Astralasia - Something Somewhere